Pangaea Station Art Education Video Series

PSAEVS_logo_pink_01About the series:
The Pangaea Station Art Education Video Series is a popular “fun-ducational” twice-monthly web series hosted by Taylor Baldry, produced by the Zorn Corporation in partnership with Each episode aims to bring good times together with fun art history facts. The series is filmed beneath Minneapolis, Minnesota in the Pangaea Station: a subterranean, mobile, geo-practical facility.

About the host:
Taylor Baldry is the host of the Pangaea Station Art Education Video Series. He mixes the seriousness of education with the joy of art history. Taylor lives and works in the Pangaea Station below Minneapolis. Send pictures of your food, as well as questions or comments about the show to:

Episode No. 75 — “The Allure of the Mona Lisa”
Everyone has heard of the Mona Lisa. But why? Taylor tells you why.

Pangaea Station Short — “Taylor’s Dream Featuring Karen”
In this Pangaea Station short, Taylor dreams of his ex-girlfriend Karen. But is it a dream?

Episode No. 74 — “The Venus of Willendorf”
In this episode, Taylor discusses two of his favorite ladies.

Episode No. 73 — “Classical Columns” (new series premiere):

Classical Columns — Part I

Classical Columns — Part II